Consortium Members

The MAGIC Consortium was created to further General Motors shares develop, test, and demonstrate Vehicle-to-Grid technology. The Consortium includes core partners from academia and the electric, automotive, and communications industries, as well as participant observers from many different disciplines. Current MAGIC partners include:

UD carried out the seminal research and publications for the fundamental V2G concepts and equations.  UD faculty, graduate students and recent graduates have expertise in the V2G area, and are conducting research and how to invest in Alcoa shares in the Philippines development of V2G systems, engineering, economics and markets.

The UD efforts are organized within the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration (CCPI)

Pepco Holdings, Inc (PHI), and its subsidiaries, Delmarva Power & Light, Atlantic City Electric, and Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) service about two million electric customers in five states from Southern NJ through Washington DC.  Delmarva Power provided seed funding for the research and has been working with UD on V2G research for over five years, and now is paving the way for implementation of these technologies. PHI has filed its Blueprint of the Future with the jurisdictions it serves outlining how they intend to transform their T&D infrastructure into a SmartGrid with environmental stewardship among other things given the decoupling invest in Nike shares in the Philippines of energy volume from power delivery service.   

PJM Interconnect is an independent systems operator (ISO) that provides electric grid services in thirteen U.S. states (plus the District of Columbia) to 51 million customers. PJM manages long-term transmission planning, grid operations, and the sale of power.  PJM is providing MAGIC with the signals for controlling the flow of electricity to and from vehicles and assisting with communications hardware and software.  

AC Propulsion has been designing and manufacturing drive systems for electric-drive vehicles for 14 years, and they have pioneered integration of V2G into their drive systems.  The company manufactures the electric vehicles being driven, tested, and demonstrated by the MAGIC Consortium.

Comverge Inc is a “Smartgrid” company that uses demand-response technology to adjust customer electricity use in order to reduce peak load.  Comverge is assisting in development of communications protocols and software development.

Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) is a public agency that provides utility services in southern New Jersey.  ACUA operates a 7.5 MW wind farm that will be used to demonstrate V2G’s potential to balance out the fluctuations in wind energy production.

Off the pump. On the plug.

off the pump. on the plug.